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Other Wedding Options


A Wedding Reception MUST HAVE! Uplighting is growing rapidly in popularity in the wedding scenes these days. Uplighting for weddings has become a huge trend in the past several years.It is hard not to notice lighting at wedding receptions and seeing how creative the couples can be.

“What is uplighting”, you may ask? Uplighting is when lights are placed on the ground and aimed to project light off the wall or at a particular object. Several lights around a room create a unique look as the colored beams define the area and become an eye catching backdrop for any special event.You can use uplighting to enhance the whole reception and bring life to the room.

 Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your room or event center. Up Lighting that is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event – all to make it better!             

If you are thinking of adding spice and a personal touch to your wedding do not forget to add color. Bring some flare in with colored uplighting and it is sure to add to the mood of your BIG day!



Put Your Photo Montage on the Big Screen!   This is a great way to share a picture slideshow of the bride and groom and their family from childhood to adulthood continuously either during the reception or at a designated time.

Option #1: You bring your Photo montage on your Computer and we will provide the projector and play the Photo Montage on the Big Screen at a certain part of your evening.

Option #2: Collect your photos, arrange them in the order you want. (Place them on a thumb drive) Pick the songs to highlight your memories and leave the rest to us! An we will use our system and play the Photo Montage on the Big Screen at a certain part of your evening.

Option #3: Have your photo montage run independently all night on the Big screen and you supply the thumb drive of pictures to play on our netbook.

Option #4: Have your photo montage run independently all night on the Big screen and you supply the computer or DVD player.

With any option you choose a Photo Montage is and excellent way to share      your history of your beginnings to the Bride and Grooms sharing their love story with their Family and friends

Photo Booth Services 

Enhance Your Wedding Reception With A Photo Booth. Photo booths are a great way to entertain guests and capture priceless memories at your wedding reception. You'll get great pictures that will give you a cool behind-the-scenes look at your own wedding, or you can use the photos as favors that your guests can take home.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding with a photo booth you already know the answer, Photo booths are the best entertainment and are so much FUN.  The atmosphere at a wedding reception is full of energy. All your friends are there as well as family members you haven’t seen for a while. Capture the moment by getting your photos taken inside the photo booth and then share the images with your guests.

Photo booths create life long memories.  There is nothing like a little sibling rivalry to see who can make the goofiest strip or seeing the charm of 12 old friends trying to fit in a small booth.  Compare your photos; you might even want your DJ to announce a contest for the funniest  photo.

**Note this Option is based upon availability.


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