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The cocktail hour was established for several reasons. The main reason is to keep the guests occupied and entertained while the bride, groom, wedding party, and family members are taking pictures.

The cocktail hour also serves as a time to get the guest organized for the reception. Upbeat background music is played by your EVENTS-4U DJ for the guests as they mingle, snack on appetizers (hot & cold) and refresh themselves at the hosted bar.

The guest arrival time is the perfect time for your EVENTS-4U DJ to make general announcements. Your EVENTS-4U DJ will inform them where to sign the guest book and engagement photo, where to find the gift table, let the guests know about the hosted bar, inform them of interactive gifts such as disposable cameras (and when and how to use them), and any other special announcements. Your EVENTS-4U D.J. will also inform the guests about any highlighted events that will be coming up later in the reception program.

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