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Looking for something extra to make your event stand out? We have Visual Lighting Enhancements​ for all types of Events and affairs. We have all type of lighting the can service and enhance any type of affair, Promotion or Celebration!

Call us at 443-983-8368 0r 443 98-EVENTs or just email us at for info and pricinge

Personalized Custom Lit Monogram:

​<<<<<<(Click on Photo for MONOGRAM Options)

Personalize your event with a Custom Lit Monogram:
Lighted Projected Monograms are a great way to add a personal touch your special occasion. You can choose from our standard lighting images or have us design a unique and customized monogram that will showcase you style. You can have your name spelled out, lit up in initials, custom images, logos, and/or designed with a combination of each. We can project the monogram on a wall, dance floor, ceiling or just about anything else

Call us at 443-983-8368 0r 443 98-EVENTs or just email us at for info and pricing


“What is uplighting”, you may ask? Uplighting is when lights are placed on the ground and aimed to project light off the wall or at a particular object. Several lights around a room create a unique look as the colored beams define the area and become an eye catching backdrop for any special event. You can use uplighting to enhance the whole reception and bring life to the room. With a range of colors Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, White

Going rate for uplighting (Stand Alone) package starts at $350. with a 10 light minimum

As a Add on “options” to an DJ Package uplightin is priced much less..

Email Us for pricing more details. ( )

Call us at 443-983-8368 0r 443 98-EVENTs or just email us at for info and pricing

Other Lighting Services 

In addition we have club lighting system, Lighting for stages and bands. Spotlighting for Fashion Shows and Plays. Laser light, intelligent Lights, LED lights, Light tree and truss systems along with Fog and Hazer machine to enhance the ambiance of your stage or Dance floor at your Venue or any location.

ALSO Pinspot Lighting Enhancments" : Centerpiece Pin Spot Lighting will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance the centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers. Don't forget to hightlight your wedding cake, sweets table, and place card table.

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